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So there’s this amazing person I know. You all know her as Revwarheart but I’ve known her for a long time off of tumblr and for my 1500th post I wanted to share a few of my favourite pieces of her artwork.

How do I begin to explain Revwarheart?

Revwarheart is flawless.

I hear she’s not just an artist, but an amazing writer, jewellery maker and can do pretty much anything.

I hear she dresses up in historical garb and goes to renenactments.

Her favourite French Revolutionaries are Maximilian Robespierre and Saint-Just.

One time she heard about Saint-Just’s house burning down and she started raising money to help get it repaired.

This one time she just sat and listened to me ramble about story stuffs. It was awesome!

Conclusion? Revwarheart is amazing and I adore her to bits. Je t’aime my dearest revolutionary. I so want to visit Paris with you one day!

1 year ago

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    I… I just found this and… this is so sweet of you. ;___; I feel so, so loved!
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    And this deserves to be my 300th post, because this artwork is amazing and yet somehow I’ve never heard of this person...
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    Amazing person and artwork!
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    Perfect artist is perfect (also an all around fabulous person).
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